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Are you looking for the best trip planner tools to make your trip easier? You are at the right place the right time! We have planned dozens of trips, road trips and many other everywhere you can imagine (ok not Alaska haha).  We have tried these things first and since you are looking for the best trip planner, road trip planner help, we are here to provide you a few easy tips and tricks. There are so many options and variables! Whether it’s a weekend break, a week getaway or even a month there can’t ne any compromise, this is your trip. We have 5 simple steps that will have you on the road quickly and save money on top of that. Have fun planning!!!

When should I go?

If you are looking at a 3-4 months ahead then it’s a good start. Set a date that you want to go. A trip planner starts with this main obstacle. By the way this is the easiest way to feel obligated and less likely to cancel your trip. It will also give you time to save up money. Also, by doing this you can see the events ahead and book in advance a festival in a city. For example, we did that for New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh with Hogmanay.

Approved Tip: Being flexible with your travel dates can save you a ton of money.

How to pick the right hotel or Airbnb for my trip plans?

This is linked with our first step and depends by the kind of traveler you or fellow travelers are. We generally look for accommodation close to city center or if this is not possible our first term is Metro station proximity.

How to avoid banking fees when traveling?

We hate this problem when we are abroad, but you can avoid this. Before you go change a small amount of currency from your Home country and when you are on the destination change all the other money left. If you don’t want to have so much cash on you then you can make a REVOLUT account that can help you with this problem. (Not sponsored from REVOLUT but they have helped us a lot with these fees).

Approved Tip: Never, never, never change money on the airports!!! Did we say NEVER?

Essential vacation planner checks

Email yourself a copy of your passport and driving license (if you are into a road trip planner) so you can have digital copies just in case. Carry some first aid like a basic kit for the rare occasion you will get sick. Hope not!!! You can use google trip as your road trip planner in Europe, or generally your trip organizer. You can have all your travel info in one place and plan your holidays in minute. You can find all the things you want and create a magic plan for your upcoming trip. Check it out.

We hope we gave you a little help. We are sure that there are so many other things to check out. Try our other articles that might help you and make you a trip planner guru. If you would like more help don’t hesitate to mail us and ask as. We can offer you tailor made services for the best trip of your life. We will share more vacation planner hints, apps and info in the near future so follow us on social media in order not to miss out the good stuff.

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